Mental Game Skills for Athletes (Runners
, Tri and others)

You can always quit and no one will really care but ... you will always know ...

 John Collins - Ironman co-founder

As an athlete, your goal is to do the best you can. You have good days and bad days yet you are not sure why. You train frequently and hard but the results don't seem to match the effort. Does this sound familiar?
  • You have self-doubts about your sport.
  • Pre-event jitters do not go away.
  • You lose focus or have mental lapses during the race.
  • You have trouble letting go of bad past performances.
  • You become easily frustrated because of high expectations.
  • You give up before the race ends.
If any of the above apply to you, then you will benefit from this seminar. Learn how to break free of the frustration caused by not performing up to your potential in competition. Talent and hard work alone does not produce peak performance in sports. If you can combine your efforts with bulldog-like mental toughness, that will lead you to improved performance ... consistently!

Champion athletes have mastered mental game toughness in sports. They understand that their mindset, attitudes, beliefs and thoughts, all influence their performance behavior. They have the knowledge to perform free from mental game obstacles so they can get the most out of their athletic abilities.

The Seminar (3 hours).
  • Understand the relationship between emotions and performance 
  • Proper training: the key to toughening your mind and body
  • Emotional control - staying on track when things go wrong
  • Planning skills and pre-event preparation
  • Mental Toughness Skills (self talk that works)
  • Mental Imagery techniques to enhance performance

The goal of the seminar is for you to leave the seminar with specific mental game tools that will help you to improve your performance.

What others have said about this seminar

             " I have very much benefited from the seminar Chen. Thank you. Mental preparation is such an important part of the marathon experience."

             " I found the meditation for race preparation very rewarding. It helped to prepare me for some of the problems in advance. "

             " I can't wait to use the information you provided to improve my mental toughness."

             " You combined so much useful information and personal insight that I can apply to my athletics and my life. "

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