Mental Skills Checklist

There are many mental skills available for you to utilize. Which you choose depends on personal preference and, what sport or part of the sport is being addressed.

   Self talk that inspires and empowers

Audio tapes: 
   Create a script and re-use as required

Breathing techniques:
   Staying relaxed, part of relaxation.

Centering skills: 
   Staying well grounded, relaxed and focused, at the same time

Concentration skills:
   Internal / external and inward / outward focus.

Contingency planning:
   Plan 'B', often needed!

Error Management:
   How to handle a mistake to minimize effect on further performance

Game Plan: 
   Required regardless of sport.
Goal setting:
   How to set meaningful goals that move skill development forward

   Ongoing practice that helps to keep you centered more frequently and in the moment

Pre-performance routines:
   Systematic method to approach a clearly defined situation

Perspective skill:
   Keep situation in a tactical and strategic point of view

Reframing skill:
   Seeing a situation from a different point of view.

Relaxation techniques:
   Maintain control under stressful situations.

Risk Taking skill: 
   Mental assessment of situation after careful consideration

Thought Stopping:
   Mental activity to stop a negative thought from continuing

Visualization skills:
   Create an image or movie of the desired skill / outcome

Warm-up activity:
   This is both mental and physical