Change your thinking ... improve your performance !


You are frustrated with your play ...
You miss a shot and ruin your whole game ...

You lose focus on the course ...
You aren't mentally tough enough ...

Has this happened to you?

The increased stress of competition caused you to react both physically and mentally in a way that negatively affected your performance.

  • You became tense before executing your shot (Golfer).
  • Your heart raced and you could not calm down before the swim started (Triathlete).
  • You broke into a cold sweat and could not focus.
  • You could not concentrate on the task at hand.
  • You made errors in your setup, before the competition even started.
  • You made a mistake 15 minutes ago and you are still angry.

So .. how was that day for you?

Why did this occur?

A few questions can be asked here.

  • Was your self confidence high at the time of the event?
  • Were you trying to impress others and were worried about how you might be perceived?
  • Did your frustration lead to a negative action?
  • Were you distracted and did not focus on what was important?
  • Were you thinking about the results, not the process?
  • Were you saying negative things to yourself ... " What a loser! "

What can you do instead?

The consequences of not being able to control your physical and emotional state can lead you to feeling frustrated, angry, you may lose confidence and, your performance is not what it could be in spite of all of your training. We have all been there at one time or another. Regardless of what has happened in the past, you do not want to have a repeat of the last bad time out.

As an athlete (at any level), you can learn techniques that you can use to both manage your emotions and, optimise your performance on specific skills relevant to your sport, more consistently, than you do now. Proper mental preparation will ensure that you improve the outcome and enjoyment of your game.

The foundation - the Four C's

Concentration, confidence, control and commitment (the 4C's) are generally considered the main mental qualities that are important for successful performance in most sports.

  • Concentration - ability to maintain focus
  • Confidence     - belief in one's abilities
  • Control            - ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction
  • Commitment   - ability to continue working to agreed goals

Consider acquiring the mental game strategies that thousands of other athletes have used to improve their performance.

You trained hard on the mechanics of your event, now prepare your mind as well !

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