Mental Game Skills For Golfers 


What separates great players from the good ones is not so much ability, as brain power and emotional equilibrium

Arnold Palmer

o doubt you have come off the course one day, frustrated with your play. You lost it at the 5th hole when you hit into the sand, missed the shot out (twice), slammed the club down, and then proceeded to three putt from 15 feet! The rest of the day was a mess. Has this ever happened to you? 

At the professional level, the golfers, under tremendous pressure, don't lose it like a normal player might. Why is that? They have mastered the ability to control their emotions on the course and be able to quickly recover from mistakes. They plan the day before, they plan for the day, they plan from the first drive. And all of these plans are part of their mental preparation.

Do you know what to do when you approach your putt? Do you know what to do when, standing over the ball, you are stuck? What should you do next? How often do you worry about your score or what the others are going to say about your game?

Improve the quality and enjoyment of your game in just one evening! There are simple strategies you can use immediately to improve your game. Sign up now and be ready for the new season!

The Seminar (3 hours)

  •  Understand the relationship between emotions and performance
  •  Identify your current areas of concern
  •  Acquire 3 simple relaxation skills
  •  Change negative self talk, thoughts and images into empowering self beliefs
  •  Turn poor concentration into focused attention
  •  Acquire basic Mental Rehearsal skills
  •  Develop a consistent preshot routine
  •  Learn how to have productive practice sessions (SMART goal setting)
The goal of the seminar is for you to leave with specific simple tools, that will help you to reduce frustration, improve performance, and increase your overall enjoyment of the game.


        Date:       May, 2019
        Time:       TBD
        Location: Collingwood Library