Do any of these items apply to you?


You suffer from low self-confidence.

 You perform better in practice than during competition.

 You suffer from anxiety, worry, or excess tension when in competition.

You maintain many self-doubts about your sport before or during games.

You worry about letting others down by not performing up to others expectations.

You are too self-conscious and worried about how others may perceive you.

You are motivated by fear of failure and it affects your performance in competition.

You lose focus or have mental lapses during critical times of the game.

You are distracted by things that go on around you in your environment.

You attach your self-worth to how well you perform in sports.

You frequently lose concentration.

You think more about the results rather than the process.

You become easily frustrated because of high expectations.

You have doubts or negative thoughts before, during, or after competition.

You limit your performance with negative self-labels such as "I am a choker."

Your anger or frustration gets in the way of peak performance.


Does this sound like you? Are you ready to take a positive step forward ... right now?