Ed 'Chen' Cohen

Many years ago (late 70's), some friends and I created a workshop for runners who all competed at the provincial level in Ontario. One of the fellows had some experience with mind behaviour and I had run Personal Growth groups. Together, we designed a day workshop for the athletes. We had the runners try a number of innovative mental images (for them and us). They had springs in their feet, hurricanes at their back, rocket assisted takeoffs, push gremlins, rope pullers,and whatever else we could think of.

Somewhat to our surprise, their performance improved throughout the day. They were pleased and so were we! This was the beginning of my own personal connection between mind and sport.

Since 1999, I have been a running / cycling coach for distance athletes (runners and duathletes). What I have seen, over and over, is that the state of the mind significantly affects performance. From the first practice through to the event, how one prepares mentally affects significantly, the outcome on the final day.

In the past few years, I have added an understanding of Neuroplasticity, Mindset and elements of Positive Psychology to the basic tenets of Sport Psychology. I find that people can benefit from all of these as they prepare for sport, work or life in general. With a good set of mind skills, one can be better prepared for whatever comes our way.

I studied Martial Arts in the 70s and the lessons learned there helped me deal with the challenge of running 20 marathons (including Boston) and an Ultra marathon. The acquisition of mental toughness (it can be acquired!) is helpful in many ways in our daily life. I currently compete recreationally in running events, duathlons, play golf and squash, and ski when the snow graces the hills.

My general approach is that many of life's lessons do not always have to be difficult to learn. First, seek to understand, then, make a strategic change. My goal is to simplify the change process and get results quickly.


PS The nickname came about when I was in university. The letter 'o' was dropped from Cohen and so I became 'Ed Chen'. The nickname has been around for a half century!



Masters in Human Resource Development (1982)

Canada National Level 1 NCCP Distance Coach (2001)

Mental Game Coaching Professional - MGCP (2007)

Canada National Level 2 NCCP Distance Coach (2008)

Certified Life Coach (CCF - 2013)